Corporate Culture

Employee stock ownership plan

How a Staffing Firm’s ESOP Culture Boosts Your ROI

IT staffing firms are not identical. They’re a lot like cups of coffee. Instant doesn’t compare to a freshly-ground, French-pressed brew. The quality of ingredients and […]

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Improving Teamwork

Improving Teamwork When Employees Aren’t Face-to-Face

Are your employees strangers to one another? That’s not all too uncommon. More companies are national or international in scope these days and telecommuting for work […]

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4 Retention Strategies to Keep Top Talent from Quitting

Your competitors want your best employees. With the fervor of stock brokers shouting and bidding wildly on the trading floor, they will pursue your best people. […]

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Make Chronic Stress at Work a Thing of the Past

Stress is corrosive. It erodes both your mental and physical health in unexpected ways. Headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, ulcer flare ups, and compromised […]

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Why I Love Working at IDR

A little over a year ago I made the decision to leave the small college town in Alabama I was living in and make the move […]

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Recognition in the Workplace

It’s no secret that demand for IT talent is skyrocketing, with 72% of employers planning on hiring IT staff over the next year. With this much […]

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What You May Not Know About Sleep, Part One

We spend nearly a third of our lives unconscious. Have you ever considered the mystery of this? Sleep resets our minds to think more clearly and […]

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Why Exercise?

  Exercise helps us to have more energy and to be able to button our jeans. But why should we give our valuable time to it? […]

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Great Leaders Serve

We’ve all heard that giving our time to a great cause is a good thing, that we’ll get back more than we give if we get […]

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