So Your Top Tech Candidate Got a Counteroffer. What Next?

So Your Top Tech Candidate Got a Counteroffer. What Next? You just discovered, interviewed, and extended a job offer to an exceptional IT candidate. And like […]

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Denver IT Consultants

How to Snag the Best Denver IT Consultants

Not many cities can truthfully claim to have grown as much as Denver in 2018. In a year’s time, innovative tech companies have locked down more […]

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working with a recruiter

Working with a Recruiter: 4 Ways to Hack Your Next Job Search

When you want to get out of your current job, you want out fast. Think about it. By the time you recognize chronic stress at work […]

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interview strategies

3 Interview Strategies to Get Your Dream Job

If you’re a recent college graduate or a few years out, you might assume your first big break will be an ordinary job. No fancy perks […]

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How To Sell Yourself In An IT Interview

Going on an interview is one of the hardest parts of the job search process.  Doing research on the company you’re interviewing for isn’t all that […]

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Answers to the 11 Most Common Interview Questions

Interviewing for an IT job you really want is no walk in the park.  The more you want the job, the more stress or pressure you […]

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10 Phone Interview Tips for IT Professionals

  As an IT professional, you’re sure to have participated in many phone interviews either with an IT recruiter or the IT manager looking to hire.  […]

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Hitting an Interview Home Run

Upcoming interviews can make our palms sweat and stomachs churn. You know you’ll be put on the spot, and what will you say? Of course, preparation […]

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What’s Keeping You Unemployed?

Have you ever wondered if hiring companies really are checking out your social media presence? Mashable recently published the results of a Jobvite survey, which reported […]

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