Hitting an Interview Home Run

Upcoming interviews can make our palms sweat and stomachs churn. You know you’ll be put on the spot, and what will you say? Of course, preparation is the key. Be sure you’ve learned as much as you can about the company ahead of time. But nearly everybody is doing that. What are some additional techniques that can give you a better chance of making a positive impression?

1. Stay positive about your previous positions.
We usually leave jobs still carrying some angst. Otherwise, why would we have left? Find a way to put a positive spin on your previous experiences. The more negativity you carry into the interview, the less likely it is you’ll get a call back. No one wants to hire someone who comes in with a full set of baggage.

2. If you have great interest in entering a new field, do the hard work before you get there.
Interviewers don’t want to hear about what you’ll do if you get the position as much as they want to know what steps you’ve taken to prepare yourself in advance. Need a certification within your career of interest? Get it now. Need experience? Volunteer your time to gain valuable experience and build your portfolio.

3. Listen as much is possible and find a need to fill.
Employers looking for new staff are often overwhelmed and overworked. If you are insightful enough to ask the right questions and find a specific challenge that you could immediately fix, you’ll move to the top of their priority list. Let them see your ambition and problem-solving skills early. That’s an impression that’s sure to stick.

No one gets a job offer from every interview, but making some strategic moves can put you in a position of improving your odds of finding a new position.