Internal Data Resources stands out and above other technology consulting firms! We are responsive, consistent, passionate, and get positions filled quickly. However, it takes more than just our efficient methods to deliver quality performance that exceeds our clients expectations. It requires a set of core values that influence every decision IDR makes, from how we service our accounts to how we provide for our consultants.

Below you will find a list of our Core Values along with a short description of why they are a core value.  Over the next several weeks we will dive into each of them to give you a closer look at how IDR lives out these values.

IDR Core Values:


Believing that the core of all people is extraordinary whether or not they choose to believe it.


Allowing individuals to be whom they choose to be while supporting and encouraging them to be the best they can be.


Making sure that our internal conversations and our actions are consistent with who we say we are.


Upholding our legendary dedication and determination found in every aspect of IDR, from the high standards of excellence to the vigilance in training.


Caring, nurturing, and understanding how unique, delicate, and precious a human being’s life is.


Continually educating ourselves on the principles of solid leadership.


Striving to be the best we can be in life and in business.


Planning each week in advance with purpose and intention.


Taking responsibility for our actions, regardless of outcome, in order to honor obligations and expectations set by clients, peers, and ourselves.


Understanding that we are all responsible for the results of each and every one of our clients. Therefore, we are responsible for picking up the ball should one of us drop it.


A strong sense of duty and personal responsibility to our clients and employees allowing us to accept a challenge for the good of the team.


Characterized by uncompromising determination managed by absence of softness or sentimentality. We are relentlessly prepared, objective and service-oriented.


We make time to enjoy ourselves, and each other’s company.


Creating self-improvement through dedication to physical and character fitness