Interview Tips – Part 1

Applying for jobs aren’t easy, but when you get an interview, all of your problems seem to disappear. The excitement of the next step can be overwhelming. Many questions seem to run through your mind and you wonder how to do your best, whether you’re new to the interviewing scene or haven’t been there in a while. You have no need to worry because we have the solution- 10 Interviewing Techniques. These next two blogs will be all of the tips you will need to have a great interview.

  • Dress to Impress – I know that in IT work the dress code can vary wildly from shop to shop.  However, when you go in for your interview it is better to be over dressed than under-dressed.  Make sure you iron your pants and shirt and run a comb through your hair.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – I know it will feel a little corny, but your recruiter will be more than happy to rehearse an interview with you.  Sometimes anticipating questions, especially questions that could be difficult, can set your mind at ease on interview day.
  • Be Early – You shouldn’t arrive an hour early, but plan to be at the offices at least ten to fifteen minutes early.  This will help you be relaxed and confident as you mentally prepare for your interview.  The worst thing to do is be late and rush in without having a moment to take a deep breath.
  • Don’t Fidget – Don’t sit on your hands, but be aware if you are a natural fidgeter that people could take it the wrong way.  A good way to overcome fidgeting is to take notes on some paper.  This will give your hands something to do and you will be forced to listen if you are busy taking some notes.

This first half of the list should help you focus on some of the physical aspects of the interview.  Friday we will explore some other tips for the interview process.