IT Recruiters: The 6 Most Effective Ways to Work With Them

As an IT professional, it’s likely you have worked with an IT Recruiter at some point in your career.  IT Recruiters can offer you great insight into clients, provide you with opportunities before anyone else can and fight for you to be hired for certain positions.  Therefore, it’s important to have a handful of trusted recruiters in your network.  Not only should you trust the recruiter, they need to also know you are a reliable resource for them and their clients.

Below, we’ve identified the best ways for you to work with a recruiter if you are looking for a job.  We’ve also outlined ways that once you’re hired on a contract, you can become a valued resource to the recruiter who hired you.

If You Are Looking for a Job:

  • Be Organized: When you’re being called by multiple recruiters once, twice maybe three times a week, it can be hard to keep track of who you’ve talked to and about which jobs.  However, it’s actually very important to keep track of these things.  Many recruiters from different companies will often work on the same job opening.  If one recruiter submits you to a job and later another recruiter calls about the same job opening and submits you again, it not only wastes time for the  both of you but also makes you look bad to the client (don’t bother to put organizational skills on your resume after that).
  • Be Honest: When a recruiter calls you for a job and you’re not looking or not interested, tell them so! Recruiters really have your best interests at heart (if they don’t, find one that does).  Be upfront with them about what you’re looking for, your feelings about the job they’re presenting and whether you’re interested in applying for it.  They’ll appreciate your candidness and that you’re not wasting their time.  And they’ll remember you when they have a job that is exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Be Responsive:  Nothing turns a recruiter off more than you not calling them back after they have submitted you for a job. If you really want the job they are presenting, you need to be as responsive as you can.  Otherwise, the recruiter will assume you’re not interested in the position and no longer present you to the client.  This is especially important after going on an interview! Communicate to the recruiter how you think it went and if you would accept the role if offered to you.  They’ll be more apt to fight for you with the client than they would if you didn’t express your interest in getting the job.

If You Are On A Contract:

  • Use Your Network: As a well-connected IT professional, you’re sure to know other great IT candidates.  Helping your IT Recruiter find consultants for other positions will put you in their good graces (not to mention, you might get a nice referral bonus if they’re hired!).  The more you help your recruiter out, the more likely they’ll remember you next time they have a great contract come up!
  • Finish Your Contract: This should go without saying!  Not only will you let your recruiter down by not finishing your contract, you’re leaving the client high and dry with a stalled project.  You can forget ever working for that company again!  Finishing contracts and projects is one of the most important things you can do for your career.  And recruiters will remember you leaving early and most likely, not work with you again.  Of course, issues arise that might force you to leave a contract early.  If that’s the case, be open with your recruiter and tell them your situation.
  • Build a Good Relationship:  It’s likely that you’ll hear from your IT Recruiter from time to time, checking in on you (they might even take you to coffee if you’re lucky!).  Give them an update on how you’re doing on your contract – let them know if you have frustrations or issues.  Also, be willing to help them out by gaining knowledge about their client: what the work atmosphere is like or if there are any big projects coming up.  They will appreciate the insight you are giving them and want to keep working with you on other projects!

IT Recruiters want to help grow your career.  If you are up front and honest with them on what you’re looking for, they’ll most likely be able to help you.  And if you are on contract with a recruiting company, still keep in touch with your recruiter and help them out where you can.  IT Recruiters remember consultants that communicate well with them and go above and beyond.  By doing the 6 things mentioned above, you’ll be the first call your recruiter makes next time they have the perfect contract for you!

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