Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search, Part Two

In Part One we examined some simple ways to be social media savvy while you look for a new job. Here are a few more advanced techniques. We’ll call this Social Media Job Search 201.

 1. Create the connections you need to get the job.

When someone recognizes your name and associates you with the career field, they’re more likely to connect with you regarding a job. Figure out who you need to know to land a job, then make that connection, whether by getting them to follow you on Twitter by retweeting their tweets or by growing your LinkedIn network until they become third-degree connections. Perhaps they wouldn’t give you the time of day normally, but social media offers you access to them.

 2. Get Google on your side.

Most employers today will Google you to find out more about you. So Google yourself for a little job search research. If you don’t like what you see, create a LinkedIn profile. Fill it out completely and become active on the network, perhaps even starting a group specific to your industry. This will help your profile to rise to the top of the Google search results, giving you the exposure you’re looking for with future employers.

 3. Join Industry chats on Twitter.

Find some chats in subject areas within the industry you’re interested in exploring. Industry conversations can help you meet helpful professionals within the career field and keep you up-to-date on happenings and changes. You may also choose to network with others looking for jobs through established conversations such as #jobhuntchat or #careerchat.

 Job search isn’t all fun and games, but if you approach it as a challenge it becomes less of a “have to” and more of a “want to.”

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