The Upside of Unemployment, Part One

The old adage goes “You need to have a job to find a job.” In the real world, though, it isn’t always that simple. What if you aren’t working? How can you keep yourself positive and healthy?

The great thing about being out of work (there are some great things, you know) is that you have an abundance of time. It’s how you use that time that really matters.

Keep Yourself Mentally Healthy
It’s easy to blame yourself for things you could have done in the past to avoid this situation, and some reflection may be useful, but wallowing in a sea of regret can keep you from moving forward. Once you’ve gained what you can from your past circumstances, put together an action plan with specific goals to take you to the next destination in your journey.

Give to Causes You Believe In
You may be limited financially, but those organizations you believe in need time from caring volunteers as well. Serve lunch weekly at a local soup kitchen. Go on a mission trip that you’ve never had the time to make happen before. Go walk the animals at the local shelter. Create a website for a fledgling group. Nonprofits are often begging for help, and the employees there may know of connections for jobs in your area of expertise.

These are a good start toward creating a life that is about more than just a job. We all have to work, but celebrate the oasis of time you have right now and develop yourself from the inside out for the future.