This career requires a special kind of person. IDR is all about winning and doing whatever is needed to take care of a customer. You’ve got to possess keen intelligence and an established work ethic. Our interview process is thorough and rigorous. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then IDR could be your first step towards a remarkable career.

Watch this video to see what current employees have to say about working at IDR:

The bad, the ugly and the extremely good.

Giving your best service to a customer means working hard.  It could mean staying late to make sure a client is taken care of or being sensitive to the time constraints of a great candidate.  It could mean going the extra mile to meet a candidate on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. This is an extremely competitive business and only those willing to go the extra mile are going to get anywhere. The good news is if you work hard you will be rewarded. Our sales management program is the real deal. You will advance and be handsomely compensated with bonuses.

If you play to win, then this is an organization that you will be interested in working with.