Working with Your Recruiter Effectively

If you’ve decided it’s time to explore potential new positions, how do you work successfully with a recruiter?

Initiate Contact

Though sometimes a recruiter may contact you when a position comes up within your area of expertise, often you may need to get on their radar first. You may want to meet with a recruiter and give them your resume as well as any additional information that could help them find a fit for you such as your compensation requirements and preference regarding relocation. They’ll also be interested in your motivation in wanting to change companies. Be clear, concise and honest without dragging the recruiter into your current company politics. Your professionalism gives them confidence in your ability to navigate this topic in an interview setting.

Stay in Communication

Once you’ve met and discussed potential positions, check in with your recruiter once a week. If the recruiter contacts you, be sure to call back within 24 hours. If your recruiter makes any recommendations to you, do your homework. One may be raising your visibility within your industry. If so, connect with online industry groups or contribute to online newsletters and blogs. Make comments on those sites when appropriate. These extras give recruiters and future interviewers a feel for your level of expertise within your industry.

The route to finding a new position is often full of unexpected twists and turns, and every option you keep open increases the likelihood that you’ll find a good fit.

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